Listen to "Our Time Has Come" written by The Gathering Place group over the course of three sessions.  The song, from its creative process to the powerful lyrics, captures the heart of the Momentia movement:  a new dementia story including hope, connection, growth, purpose and courage - told by community members living with memory loss.

The Gathering Place

An Early Stage Memory Loss Enrichment Program

The Gathering Place is a weekly program for those living with Early Stage Memory Loss (ESML).  This innovative program includes activities that build on strengths and engage both mind and body.  The afternoon begins with a time of sharing and updates from the previous week after which participants review the previous week's assignment.  Next on the agenda is exercise which can take the form of yoga, qi gong or dancing.  There is informal discussion while enjoying refreshments and the day ends with creative exploration via visual arts, poetry, music and cognitive stimulation such as games, puzzles or other activities to engage the mind.

There is a per session fee associated with this program.

To learn more about the Gathering Place and to set up a pre-screening appointment call 206 230-0166 or email

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