People and their Stories

Meet other people who are living with dementia, but living fully. They fight for an Alzheimer's cure, enjoy their retirements to the full, create art and poetry, and show that there need not be any stigma attached to them because of their conditions. Read their stories. Perhaps you'll feel inspired to tell yours. More....

The Gathering Place Anti-Stigma Project

As part of the Greenwood Senior's Center Gathering Place, members of community generated, designed and then produced a collage of images and quotes about living with memory loss. 


David and Daphne’s wedding service was performed by their fathers. Notably absent from the ceremony was David’s mother. She was in the final stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

"I'm alive and thankful."

When you ask Lon Cole how he's doing, he replies, "I'm alive and thankful."

A Warrior against Alzheimer’s

Meet Myriam, A Warrior against Alzheimer’s


"A man named Roger was diagnosed with dementia...."

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Community News + Updates 


Learn about Dementia-Friendly Recreation

An "Alzheimer's Cafe" movie evening for people with dementia and their care partners

Starting in March, the latest  Alzheimer's Cafe will be held every fourth Monday of the month in Edmonds.