Momentia is a grassroots movement empowering persons with memory loss and their loved ones to remain connected and active in the community. 

The Puget Sound region is home to a variety of dementia-friendly opportunities offered by a growing number of community members and organizations.

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The New Dementia Story

For too long, a diagnosis has meant fear, shame, isolation, loss of purpose and despair. But there’s a new dementia story being told.

It’s being told by persons living with dementia who are rising up to say, “we’re still here!”

It’s being told throughout our parks, theaters, libraries, museums, and cafes - as our vibrant public spaces become venues for an exponentially expanding number of “dementia-friendly” opportunities like walking groups at the zoo, art gallery tours, and gardening volunteer programs.

And it’s a story we can all be part of. Together, we can transform what it means to live with dementia in community, changing the story from one of despair, to one of connection, growth, purpose, hope, and finding joy in the moment.

Photos by Chris Bennion.

Photos by Chris Bennion.

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Watch Living With Memory Loss: In Our Own Words

Out of desire to be advocates, members of The Gathering Place program who are living with memory loss chose to create a short documentary, Living with Memory Loss: In Our Own Words. In this film they share inspiring advice and offer a more holistic narrative about living with memory loss. It is powerful to hear the voices and wisdom of people living with memory loss, and it is hoped that their fiercely open-hearted, humorous and hopeful messages have a positive impact.

Watch a short 5-minute video: Click Here

Watch the full 16-minute film: Click Here

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