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ALZConnected Message Board

An Alzheimer's Diagnosis isn't the End by Dr. John Zeisel

I'm Still Here: John Zeisel's Forum on Living with Alzheimer's

Alzheimer's from the Inside Out by Richard Taylor
Reports from between the ears and from the heart and spirt of Richard Taylor, a person living with the symptoms of dementia. 

Perspectives Newsletter by Lisa Synder, M.S.W.
A quarterly newsletter written for people with dementia that addresses the concerns, reflections, and coping skills of individuals with Alzheimer's or a related memory disorder. Email to request an electronic subscription.

ChangingAging with Dr. Bill Thomas
ChangingAging™ is a multi-blog platform challenging conventional views on aging based on the belief that aging is a strength, rich in developmental potential and growth. All who are interested in changing aging, whether you're an elder, youngster or just trying to figure out what comes after adulthood, are welcome.

Alive and Thankful: Living with Early Onset Alzheimer's by John Sharify / KING 5 News
King-5 TV profile of a man living with Early Onset Memory Loss.

The Alzheimer's Project  HBO
A series of documentary films about dementia that can be viewed online.

Stories of Dementia KBCS Radio Broadcast with Music+Ideas host Sonya Green
A discussion ranging from the symptoms and progression of dementia, the impact of dementia on intimate relationships, and the Here:Now program at the Frye, illustrating the power of art to provide a refuge from and “normalize” dementia.