Old Friends Club

You're invited! Old Friends Club is a fun, active social club where people living with memory loss can build friendships and find purpose in a supported environment.  Joy, dignity and meaningful interaction are built in to days filled with art, music, games and gentle exercise. Small groups are led by experienced compassionate staff and assisted by trained volunteers.  Families often express that members carry the happy feelings they generate at Old Friends Club throughout their week.

Equally concerned with nourishing the family caregiver, this non-profit provides people living with Alzheimer's or cognitive challenges with a 5-hour day, two to three days a week, which allows caregivers to have uninterrupted time for themselves.  

Monthly rates are based on weekly attendance, averaging less than $14/hour, an economic and socially-engaging alternative or compliment to in-home care.

To learn more about how to participate, donate or volunteer at Old Friends Clubs in Kirkland, Carnation and Sammamish CLICK HERE or call 425.681.9776.  

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