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Momentia affirms:

  • There is possibility for full and meaningful life with dementia
  • People living with dementia remain a vital part of community and deserve opportunities to connect and engage as they always have
  • People living with dementia are the experts on their own experience and the authors of their own stories
  • People living with dementia demonstrate remarkable strengths and offer valuable gifts
  • A vibrant and healthy community is one that welcomes all its members to play a meaningful role
  • By working together, we can transform what it means to live with dementia in community, changing the story from one of despair to one of hope.

Join the growing list of people who are telling the new dementia story:

  • Roger
  • Myriam
  • Lon
  • Charlie
  • Chris
  • Tamara
  • Marigrace
  • Kavan
  • Doug
  • Nora
  • Charlie
  • Charlie
  • Charlie
  • Charlie
  • Charlie