Is anybody in charge?

Momentia is guided by a list of principles – so there’s no need to ask permission! Leadership is distributed to anyone and everyone who wants to make something happen in their communities.

In the Seattle area, the movement is supported by the Momentia Seattle Stewardship Team (MSST). MSST includes 8 – 12 community members or organizational representatives who commit to supporting the local movement for a year at a time. The team typically involves those who are actively coordinating dementia-friendly programs, persons living with dementia, and care partners. Their purpose is to promote dementia-friendly opportunities and empower others to get involved in the Momentia. They meet quarterly, support the Momentia Seattle website, respond to inquiries about the movement as a whole, and provide mentorship to others interested in starting dementia-friendly programs.

 The 2019 MSST Stewardship Team includes:

  • Cayce Cheairs ,Seattle Parks & Recreation:

  • Cecily Kaplan, Greenwood Senior Center:

  • Kenna Little, Alzheimer's Association:

  • Marigrace Becker, UW Medicine Memory & Brain Wellness Center:

  • Marilyn Raichle, The Art of Alzheimer’s: marilyn@theartofalzheimer’

  • Melinda Franklin, Community Member:

  • Mollia Jensen, Elderwise:

  • Nora Gibson, Full Life Care:

  • Pam Nolte, Taproot Theatre:




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