How did Momentia begin?

The word ‘Momentia’ originated in 2013 in Seattle, WA.

It was at first used as a nickname or rallying cheer for a coalition of organizations that had been inspired by John Zeisel’s presentation at the 2013 Alzheimer’s Association’s Discovery Conference. Zeisel’s “It Takes A Village” program provides regular cultural enrichment opportunities for persons living with dementia at public venues like museums, art galleries and theaters.

At the time of Zeisel’s presentation, Seattle already offered several of this kinds of opportunities, including not only cultural enrichment, but also opportunities to stay active and to give back to the community including: 

 ·      The here:now arts engagement program at the Frye Art Museum started in 2010.

·      The Memory Loss Zoo Walk at Woodland Park Zoo started in 2011

·      The Greenwood Alzheimer’s Café started in 2011

·      The volunteer program at the Cherry Street Food Bank started in early 2013

Upon Zeisel’s recommendation, in May 2013 some of the organizations that were already offering these kinds of programs began meeting together under the name ‘Alzheimer’s Services Coalition.’ The purpose was to spread the word about what was already going on, and help develop new social and creative engagement opportunities. The coalition eventually disbanded, but the term ‘Momentia’ remained as a way to describe a wider movement that was continuing to gain momentum in the Seattle area.

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